About Us

Namozine Volunteer Fire Department was formed in 1957. There was not a fire station at the northern end of Dinwiddie County so the engine was kept at Mr. Dayvault's service station on Cox Rd. When there was a fire call, the firefighters would go to the service station and respond to the call from there. In 1958-1959, a fire station was built on Pelham Ave. It eventually housed an engine, tanker, 2 jeeps and a van. The jeeps were used to fight brush fires. Over the years Namozine grew and in 1989 a medical unit was added. Namozine then became Namozine Volunteer Fire Department and EMS.

Today we are Namozine Fire and EMS, Inc. (Dinwiddie Company 4) with 50 members and a Ladies Auxiliary. Most of our members are both Firefighters and EMT's. We serve the northern end of Dinwiddie County. We have over 6000 homes, several large businesses including a steel plant, a concrete plant, and a rock quarry along with restaurants, banks, and other businesses.

We moved to our new firehouse in the 1980's. The station houses Truck 4, which has a 135 ft ladder, Tanker 4, Engine 4, Brush 4, Medic/Rescue 41, Responder 4, Chief 4, and Support 4. In 2008 we added a Mayday/Rescue tower (William Queen Rescue Tower). This tower is used to teach "Mayday Firefighter Down", rappelling, confined space rescue, forcible entry, along with other fire and medic classes.

We are always happy to have people interested in becoming firefighters or medics come by and see us. We meet on Monday nights at 7PM.

If you prefer, we can also be contacted at [email protected]