Memorial Update

Posted on August 16, 2011

 Allow me to begin by saying thanks for all of the generous donations made to the 9/11 memorial. Here is an update of the activities regarding the project. We are very excited about the memorial and are committed to making it meet the expectations that something of this nature deserves. That being said, things are moving along despite not many tangible signs so far. Unfortunately, we do not think that our goal of completion by the tenth anniversary will be possible. Utility easements  and property lines had to be verified and that has delayed some activities, but this memorial needs to be right the first time. Additionally, it has been a rather active summer with regard to emergency responses  and preparing for the Regional Training School. As much as we would love to focus solely on the memorial, we have day-to-day business that must be tended to.

In all, we expect (fingers-crossed) to begin demolishing the current area in the next few weeks. In the mean time, we have been approached by one of the businesses in our first due district. The local Walmart Distribution center has graciously offered to sell 9/11 t-shirts with the proceeds going to the memorial. Prices range from $15 - $18 depending on the size. They are being offered until 08/27/11 and are expected to arrive before the tenth anniversary of the attacks. Please, stop by the station to place an order. We appreciate the interest of all of our neighbors from Walmart to all of the individual contributors.