08/05/10 Severe Weather

Posted on August 5, 2010

After temperatures around 100 degrees on August 5th, Mother Nature decided to cool off the area by means of severe thunderstorms. The afternoon for Company 4 began with a medical responder call for an industrial trauma and became a crescendo that culminated between 1900 hours and 2000 hours with trees on homes and multiple power lines down. One such power line incident resulted in a small brush fire. Despite the size of the fire, several nearby residents became quite concerned but remained patient while personnel waited for the utilities to be isolated for the safety of all concerned parties.

During the storm, the County was very busy from one end to the other and most companies had multiple units out on runs. Despite the chaos from the call load and occassional radio issues, Dinwiddie Communications did a good job of keeping everything relativley organized. Great job in a time that would likely make somebody want to pull their hair out.