Memorial Update

Posted on July 9, 2012

The Namozine memorial for the World Trade Center steel has not been forgotten. While things are going slower than is preferred due to most of the work is being performed through donated time and efforts, there is still plenty of enthusiasm for the project. Our desire to get this memorial completed in a professional manner and to have it right the first time brings an architectural design group into the effort. 

Here is the conceptual rendering of the memorial. As can be seen, the project has grown considerably from simply having the artifact sitting in the display case of the Training Building. We hope that this will be something that the community will be proud of and we look forward to seeing it completed.

07/23/12 River Road MVA

Posted on July 23, 2012

Shortly before the thunder showers that arrived on the evening of 07/23/12, in the area of the 22800 block of River Road, a single vehicle MVA sent a vehicle over a guard rail and into a creek. Oddly, earlier in the day, another vehicle in Dinwiddie County went into a creek, resulting in fatal injuries to the occupant. Fortunately, the River Road incident ended with all occupants escaping with nobody needing transport to the hospital.

During the wait for a boom wrecker to lift the vehicle back over the guard rail, thunderstorms passed through the area. After the showers, Engine 4 was photographed at the end of a rainbow.