06/13/13 Storm Extrication

Posted on June 16, 2013

The strong storm that passed quickly through the area on Thursday June 13th was reported by the news media to contain gusts of up to 80 mph. This brought about several calls involving downed trees. One in particular occurred in the River Road area where a tree had fallen onto an occupied vehicle, entrapping the occupant. At the trunk, the tree exceeded a 40" diameter. The two branches carrying the load of the weight were directly across the vehicle. The tree was stabilized to prevent further intrusion into the vehicle. The manner that the tree landed o the vehicle disallowed patient removal from any windows, windshield, or doors other than the driver's door. After multiple attempts to gain access to the door without allowing the tree to fall further, assistance was called to the scene. Bishop's Towing generously helped and used their heavy wrecker to support the tree while access was made to the driver. After removing limbs, the door was popped open and the driver was transferred to Medic 42.

A special thank you goes to Bishop's Towing.


06/14/13 Residential Kitchen Incident

Posted on June 17, 2013

After the strong storm knocked out power the preceding day, electrical services were gradually returned. One resident of the Sentry Hill neighborhood had left their home with a pot of pasta still on the stove and found other overnight accommodations. An alert neighbor heard the smoke detector and smelled the food continuing to cook after the electricity came back on and called 911. Engine 4 made entry and turned the stove off before any substantial damage  occurred. The residence was purged of the smoke and the pot of "overdone" pasta was left on the back porch to await the return of the occupant.

06/19/13 MVA

Posted on June 20, 2013

At approximately 1800 hours, a two vehicle MVA caused extensive traffic problems at the intersection of Route 460 and Interstate 85. The ramp from southbound 85 onto 460 was completely blocked to limit access to the scene. Responding units included Engine 4, Squad 2, Support 2, Medic 12, Ambulance 41, Ambulance 21, and AC01. 

06/21/13 Route 460 MVA

Posted on June 21, 2013

A medical emergency caused a motorist to cross two concrete medians and impact an embankment at the intersection of Cox Road and Airport Street at around 1542 hours.