2010 Tri-Cities Regional School

Posted on June 2, 2010

This year’s Tri-Cities Regional School is on a course to make it an exceptional event. Ask anybody that attended last year and they will undoubtedly say that it is well worth the time to attend. In addition to a well-rounded offering of fire and EMS classes from top shelf instructors, there will be a fantastic meal on Saturday night… of course!!!

Check out the class listings and be sure to sign up early. Several of the classes are expected to fill to capacity before too long. If you have any questions, click this article for the school brochure, e-mail us, or contact VDFP through our LINKS section.

A Recipe For Getting A Chief's Attention

Posted on June 12, 2010

Recently a crew was sent around the first due area to conduct the periodic testing of our dry hydrants. At the end of a hot and tiresome day we decided to unwind and have some good-natured harmless fun at the expense of some chief officers. Here is what is needed for this task:

Step 1- find a light pole that is leaning over

Step 2- place an apparatus close to the leaning pole

Step 3- get a firefighter that is not turned loose on the apparatus to pose near the “accident”

Step 4- take a picture from an angle that delivers the desired effect

Step 5- the important part, send the picture to the Chief’s phone with NO explanation

Step 6- count the seconds until the Assistant Chief gets to the station wanting answers to the incident

Sometimes you have to have fun. No firefighters or apparatus were injured in the making of this prank.

Safety first… but still enjoy the summer folks.

06/26/10 Boisseau Road MVA

Posted on June 26, 2010

Shortly after midnight on 06/26/2010 Truck 4 was dispatched to Boisseau Road for a vehicle into a tree with confirmed entrapment and heavy damage. While en route, the first arriving medic unit communicated that all responding units could reduce their response to a non-emergency speed due to the severity of the incident. Upon arrival, Truck 4’s crew assisted Engine 1 and Squad 2. After law enforcement, documented the scene, Truck 4 and Squad 2 cut the remaining wreckage to remove the occupant.

Drive carefully this summer folks.

Images courtesy of R. Foster.