Five Forks Tornado

Posted on April 18, 2011

The severe weather of Saturday, April 16th, lead to a busy afternoon for Company 4. The tornado in the Five Forks area of the County brought Brush 4, Truck 4, and Support 4 to search and secure residences as well as assist in clearing roadways. Several power meters were pulled and entry had to be forced in some situations, but eventually the all clear was given with no injuries to Company 4 personnel and remarkably few injuries to residents.


Here are a few scenes from the area. If anybody has more pictures that they would like to post, send them in.

Thank You... (Food For Thought)

Posted on April 23, 2011

I want to take a moment to exercise some web site guy privileges, and make one of my occasional editorial posts.

As I was doing the chores that did not get accomplished last weekend due to the calls associated with the tornado, I heard my pager dispatch Company 4 and Company 2 to a residence for an electrical fire. Before I could get in the truck to head to the station, Engine 4 and Engine 2 were already responding, quickly followed by Truck 4. Thus, it occurred to me that as we go through our day-to-day activities there are folks that train hard and are ready at a moment's notice to help the community.

As we work in our gardens, there is somebody ready to respond if a mysterious creepy crawly bites us resulting in an allergic reaction. As we ride to the store, an inattentive texting driver does not heed a stop sign. Quickly there is an engine crew to remove us from the wreckage and isolate hazardous things that spill forth. Or, as we sit inside working on our computers, an errant electrical wire begins what could be the worst day of our lives. In less than two minutes there are two engine companies and a truck company responding to save our property, and if needed, risk their lives to save ours. 

For those reasons, I am taking a time-out from the garden to tell those folks- 

thank you.

Since I was beaten out of the station by both the engine and the truck, I took the opportunity to grab a camera, sprint a few hundred yards through the woods, and grab some pictures of the guys going by.

In case you were wondering, the electrical fire that was dispatched had burned itself out, thankfully, and Engine 4 arrived and ensured that the residence was secure.