11/12/11 I-85 MVA

Posted on March 5, 2012

On November 12th, a full-size pickup truck was slowing behind a logging truck as the two passed through a work zone on Interstate 85. A chartered bus carrying college students approached behind the pickup but failed to slow and forced the Toyota into the logs on the trailer. The intestate was shut down for several hours as the three victims were pulled from the wreckage. A fourth occupant was extricated and flown for medical treatment. The extrication was complicated due to the tension of the logs that became loaded as they penetrated through the passenger compartment all of the way into the bus behind. Crews from Namozine were assisted by units from Ford FD, Dinwiddie EMS, the City of Petersburg, and the County of Chesterfield. 

Photos by R. Mengel


Posted on March 6, 2012

Check out the changes in the Members page, It may seem like subtle changes but it is a huge accomplishment on the parts of some.We are proud to have two newly certified firefighters and two new licensed EMTs.

Jobs well done.

Congratulations to Amber, Emily, Tommy, and Ron.