Posted on March 8, 2011

We can now happily announce that both of our firefighter recruits that entered into the next level of training- Firefighter II- have successfully passed that course as well. The community is now better served due to the commitment to continued learning that these folks have put forth. The Firefighter I and II curricula are nationally recognized certifications. The recruits began investing their time back in the beginning of September 2010 and, with virtually no break in their lessons, at the beginning of March 2011 they are ready to put their skills to use.

Good job folks…

Anybody that goes to our Members page may notice some changes that we are very proud to make. We now have three new certified firefighters. Congratulations to:

Firefighter Kolb
Firefighter Coble, and
Junior Firefighter Townsend

It is also important to recognize that two of them are already taking their skills to the next level and are already working toward their Firefighter II certification. Namozine is very proud of the efforts put forth by these folks. It is quite an investment of time and effort that they have given in order to serve their community and neighbors.