Member's Only Section

Posted on March 3, 2010

Okay, okay…
- Let us see if this helps with all of the questions. Under the member login is a link to “register”. Once you go to this page you enter your personal email information and your own personal login and password. These items are your own creation and can be whatever you choose. The last item is a company password. To get this password see unit 432 or e-mail the address at the bottom of this post.

On the right tool bar there has been a members only sign in added. This area is just now becoming functional so please be patient as the area content is being populated. However, the intent of this function is for:

Easy access to SOP and SOG

Company only news (remember- what is said in meetings stays in the family)

That special picture of a company officer being “recognized” on her birthday

And anything else that needs to be available on a limited basis.

If you have such submissions or suggestions please let us know. More functionality is planned but not yet running.

To gain access to this feature please email [email protected].

Firefighter II Academy

Posted on March 8, 2010

Several graduates of the recent Firefighter I Academy are at it again. They have enrolled in the next stage of their careers by taking the Firefighter II course. This will expand their knowledge base in incident command and other fire suppression activities. This is another example of the ever-continuing training and development that occurs at our organization. We wish them luck in this class.

Stay tuned to see how they progress .

03/24/10 Cox Road MVA

Posted on March 24, 2010

On the evening of 03/24/10 Engine 4, Medic 42, Car 4, Responder 4, and Medic 12 responded to a two vehicle MVA in front of the Walmart Distribution Center on Cox Road. The medic units transported a total of three patients. No extrication was required and most manpower was allocated to patient care.

In the picture, marks can be seen in the middle of the hood leading to the windshield and the subsequent intrusion through the glass. This was caused by the trailer hitch of the other vehicle.

03/26/10 Vehicle On Train Tracks

Posted on March 26, 2010

On Friday, March 26th, Engine 4 was dispatched to a vehicle stuck on railroad tracks. As the engine crew was leaving the station a train could be heard in the distance heading in the direction of the incident. An immediate stop of all rail traffic was requested and not a moment too soon. The train stopped about a half mile from a vehicle that was stuck blocking both sets of rails.

The vehicle had mistakenly turned off of the hard-surface road onto the tracks and travelled about 60 yards before the ensuing damage disabled the truck. While on scene another train from the opposite direction was also halted heading toward the incident. The vehicle was removed and the tracks were inspected by the rail service before traffic was allowed to resume.

Easter Egg Hunt

Posted on March 27, 2010

On Saturday, March 27th, Company 4 held its annual Easter Egg Hunt for the kids and grandkids of the members, lifetime members, and support staff. This year there was a special appearance by the Easter Bunny herself. Some of our future medics and firefighters were very happy to have their pictures taken with the guest of honor… some were not so happy!!!
Once the furious scouring of the yard for eggs began, there were 100% smiles. Hopefully, once the little ones began to eat all of the sweets and treats the parents were still able to smile.