Lifetime Member Lost

Posted on January 23, 2011

On 01/21/11 the Namozine family lost one of its lifetime members and his wife. That Friday evening Joe Bland and his wife Evelyn were discovered in their Colonial Heights home, victims of murder. A vigil for them will be held on 01/23/11 at the football field near their home. Our thoughts are with their family and the law officers who are working to apprehend their assailant.

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Editorial: This was a heinous atrocity that deserves special treatment in the eternal afterlife. The act of killing an 84 year old man and his 80 year old wife is one of unspeakable cowardice. To even consider doing harm to an elderly couple in their home, who pose no threat to anybody, is beyond belief. Hopefully, the American justice system will locate, capture, and convict whatever vile wretch is responsible for this. May the punishment be swift and appropriate. If anybody can help the Colonial Heights Police Department to quickly find this spineless waste of humanity, please come forward and help to bring relief to the community and the Bland family.