Current Apparatus
Brush 4

Brush 4 is a 2007 Ford F350 4x4. It carries 150 gallons of water and 5 gallons of foam that can be pushed at 200 gpm. The "engineers" of our department modified the truck with a custom storage area behind the seats and also with a fully enclosed hose bed that holds not only forestry line but also a 1.75" cross lay.

Engine 4
Engine 4 arrived in early 2014 and is a Spartan rescue/pumper. It carries 1000 gallons of water with a 1250 gpm pump. 
Rescue / Medic 41

Rescue / Medic 41 is capable of delivering BLS or ALS care.

Responder 4 and Car 4

Responder 4 is our first-out medical response vehicle. It is equipped to provide any needed BLS care until the arrival of a transport unit.

We also have a non-EMS first-out vehicle in Car 4. Car 4 can arrive on scene quickly to provide a scene size-up and establish a safe plan-of-action for incoming units.

Tanker 4

Tanker 4 is a 2006 Smeal that carries 2000 gallons of water and 2700 feet of 5" hose. It acts as a tanker/pumper due to the nature of our first due area. It is equipped for structural incidents to serve as a pumper or supply apparatus. It can also handle vehicle extrications or serve as a tender to Brush 4.

Truck 4

Truck 4 is a 1990 E-One with a 135' ladder. Truck 4 is well-equiped to ladder any building in the area as well as handle heavy extrications and rescues. In the past Truck 4 has performed rescues that range from a toddler trapped in a sewer to a horse stuck in a ditch.

Retired Apparatus
Squad 4
Support 4